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Start: 15:00 30-06-2023

End: 15:00 02-07-2023

Seating Capacity: 48

Friday 30th June @ 3pm through 'till Sunday 2nd July @ 3pm.
Mill Street Barracks, St Helens, UK, WA10 2BB.

Community games, board games, mad antics and more!

We're a group of UK AoE2 players coming together to put on a weekend of AoE2-related fun; we had a ton of fun last year, where we focused more on the esports side - this year, based on all the feedback, we're focusing more on the community aspect. If you want to see some of our pre-planning based on feedback from last year, you can find that here. Alternatively, we did a livestream Q&A when we announced our 2023 return, whose VOD you can find here.

Even if you can't bring your computer, we have spectator tickets available so that you don't have to miss anything. There'll be plenty of board games and a console or two around, so even when we're not doing some organised activity, there'll be things to do regardless.

The core of the event is 4 rows of tables primed with power and networking equipment, awaiting up to 48 attendees to bring their own computers (BYOC).

What LAN Madness provides:

  • Table and seat
  • Ethernet cable and access to power socket(s)
  • Fast internet connection speeds
  • Social and board game area
  • Kitchen access (with cooker/kettle etc - at own risk!)
  • Shower facilities (bring a towel)
  • Communal sleeping areas (away from the hustle and bustle of the hall)

What you should bring:

  • BYOC tickets:
    • PC (laptop, or desktop!) and monitor
    • Cables (power, connections - ethernet cable not required)
    • Peripherals (keyboard, mouse, mouse mat, headset - no speakers please!)
  • Weekend-long tickets:
    • Sleeping arrangements (air/camp bed, sleeping bag, pillow)

If you are struggling to put together transport for yourself and your rig, we have put together a mini matchmaking service on our Discord called 'organise-transport'. It's essentially a Google Map where people looking for a lift can put a marker down in their town, and those with spaces they're willing to car share with can advertise the vague route they plan to go. Can then arrange directly through Discord. All the information on how to use this service is in the organise-transport Discord channel.

View all event photos in our 2022 album!

Alternatively, here's our highlights video for the entire event - covering the tournament/live finals we ran as well as the rest of the event:

Weekend BYOC

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Weekend Spectator

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Day Spectator

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Hall Seating
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Mill Street Barracks
Mill Street Barracks
Mill Street
St Helens
WA10 2BB
United Kingdom
Mill Street Barracks
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User Name Seat
MangoMel's Avatar MangoMel - Steam: [S1z3] MangoMel Mel Hall | E6
Hoppsy's Avatar Hoppsy - Steam: Hoppsywins Richard Hall | H4
willdbeast's Avatar willdbeast - Steam: willdbeast William Hall | B4
Sloan's Avatar Sloan - Steam: Steve Sean Hall | A2
Lowerty's Avatar Lowerty - Steam: Lowerty Jared Hall | A1
Fanjita's Avatar Fanjita - Steam: Fanjita Paul Hall | E3
Fanjita's Avatar Fanjita - Steam: Fanjita Paul Hall | E1
theMole's Avatar theMole - Steam: [S1z3] theMole Eben Hall | E5
Bassai Dai's Avatar Bassai Dai - Steam: Bassai Dai Richard Hall | C4
Nick's Avatar Nick - Steam: Nick Nick Hall | G1
Rgeadn's Avatar Rgeadn - Steam: Rgeadn Richard Hall | D3
NillisLukins's Avatar NillisLukins - Steam: nillis_lukins Neil Hall | C6
darvoi's Avatar darvoi - Steam: [ Harvey Hall | E2
Reilled's Avatar Reilled - Steam: [S1z3] Reilled Tom Hall | D4
Vinnie Jones's Avatar Vinnie Jones - Steam: [S1z3] 104 Vincent Hall | D5
Vinnie Jones's Avatar Vinnie Jones - Steam: [S1z3] 104 Vincent Hall | D6
Toums95's Avatar Toums95 - Steam: Toums95 Tommaso Not Seated
Uselessaurus Rex's Avatar Uselessaurus Rex - Steam: Uselessaurus Rex Sunil Hall | F6
eris's Avatar eris - Steam: _eris_ Monica Hall | F5
Rhea's Avatar Rhea - Steam: Rhea Seb Hall | F1
Huggieg's Avatar Huggieg - Steam: Huggieg Hugo Hall | G4
GeologyWade's Avatar GeologyWade - Steam: GeologyWade Matthew Hall | H5
cdplayer's Avatar cdplayer - Steam: cdplayer Chris Hall | E4
MangoMel's Avatar MangoMel - Steam: [S1z3] MangoMel Mel Not Seated
steak's Avatar steak - Steam: [ Tom Hall | D2
SapientFez's Avatar SapientFez - Steam: SapientFez Nicholas Hall | B6
Akkal's Avatar Akkal - Steam: [KniN] Akkal Asgeir Hall | B5
hannah's Avatar hannah - Steam: Hannah Hannah Hall | A4
The_Ted_Baker's Avatar The_Ted_Baker - Steam: Ted Edward Hall | A3
tumblwd's Avatar tumblwd - Steam: tumblwd Andrew Hall | C3
Hallis's Avatar Hallis - Steam: _Hallis Matthew Hall | C1
Toota's Avatar Toota - Steam: Toota Sam Hall | F2
Unrivalled Super Hottie's Avatar Unrivalled Super Hottie - Steam: Unrivalled Super Hottie Adam Hall | C2
daehiise's Avatar daehiise - Steam: daehiise Anouk Hall | F3
Pete26196's Avatar Pete26196 - Steam: Pete26196 Pete Not Seated
pejoph's Avatar pejoph - Steam: pejoph Pete Hall | F4
Rit's Avatar Rit - Steam: Rit Ritesh Hall | D1
Rit's Avatar Rit - Steam: Rit Ritesh Not Seated
Barles's Avatar Barles - Steam: _Barles_ Ryszard Hall | G2
GoodGuyAoE's Avatar GoodGuyAoE - Steam: GoodGuy Ronan Hall | A5
StuartCheedle's Avatar StuartCheedle - Steam: Stuart Cheedle Paul Not Seated
roadrunna86's Avatar roadrunna86 - Steam: roadrunna86 Afzal Hall | A6
Spudjii's Avatar Spudjii - Steam: spudjii Rowan Hall | H2
Chrazini's Avatar Chrazini - Steam: Chrazini Christian Amdi Hall | B2
paradox303's Avatar paradox303 - Steam: [ Neil Hall | B1
Nathanael's Avatar Nathanael - Steam: Nathanael Nathanael Hall | H1
MrFluffyBunny's Avatar MrFluffyBunny - Steam: MrFluffyBunny Alex Hall | G3
Breakfast's Avatar Breakfast - Steam: Breakfast Sam Hall | B3
AndyPandy's Avatar AndyPandy - Steam: Happytheandy Andrew Hall | H3
Ali's Avatar Ali - Steam: HardingGrim Alasdair Hall | G6
tobylarone's Avatar tobylarone - Steam: toby larone Johnny Hall | H6
Sol's Avatar Sol - Steam: Soltou D Not Seated
ap's Avatar ap - Steam: ap Alex Not Seated
JoshDomestique's Avatar JoshDomestique - Steam: JoshDomestique Buyruk Not Seated
SapientFez's Avatar SapientFez - Steam: SapientFez Nicholas Not Seated
Diamonic TC's Avatar Diamonic TC - Steam: Diamonic TC Shane Hall | C5
Khantael's Avatar Khantael - Steam: Khantael Chloe Not Seated


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